Moral values are basically the principles that guides one throughout his/her life. It helps one to decide between good and bad. In recent years, schools across globe have inculcated moral development to their curriculum. “But how do kids learn values?” that’s the main question. Because, truth is children are needed to be taught values daily, every minute of their lives, so that they are able to go through the entire cycle of life as a good human being. However, we have listed down 15 basic valuable values which will be unfold week by week, as it is imperative for all parents to begin instilling the moral habits & values in their little ones from young age itself.

  1. Hardship – hardship is a value that you can encourage from a very young age itself. The easiest way to do is by avoiding false praise and by giving them an honest feedback. Encourage them to do things that aren’t so easy for them to do and then upon their initiation, motivate them. Because, children at young age are likely to keep trying, but as they get older they will start to compare themselves with others, which can bring feelings of inadequacy. Hence, whenever your child is stuck in a problem guide them towards right solution instead solving a problem for them. So that, if your child is persistent, knows how to overcome difficulty and is trained for hardships that as he/she gets older he/she will have the urge to try his best.

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